desso and velcro time saving carpet intallation concept

DESSO and VELCRO time saving carpet concept

Desso and Velcro Companies time saving carpet intallation concept

Reduce the total cost of ownership for carpet installation and replacement

DESSO & Velcro Companies introduce a revolutionary concept that results in significant time saving on carpet installation and replacement. How does it work? The DESSO carpet is equipped with a special loop backing and attaches seamlessly to the VELCRO® brand hook tape. You simply apply the VELCRO® brand hook tape, just once, to the floor panels. Replacement of tape and cleaning of glue residue is no longer needed. This solution shows an excellent durability of over 4 years.

  • The DESSO & VELCRO® brand hook and loop concept will result in a significant reduction of installation and replacement time up to 40%. Both products show the best quality ratings in their class and are FAR 25.853A approved.
  • DESSO & VELCRO® brand products are the lightest available in the market, helping airlines to save weight and fuel related costs.
  • This unique concept ensures a first time right and 100% buckling free carpet installation. Floor panels will be free of (old) glue residues, resulting in a flat and clean floor.