KLM World Business Class

Providing custom-designed aircraft flooring.

DESSO®Aviation Carpets is proud to be a true partner to the leading airframe manufacturers and to numerous airlines throughout the world.

More about us

Tarkett is proud to introduce its Aviation in-stock
collection offering a wide range of off-the-shelf
carpet solutions. Ideal for high quality aircraft 
interior projects on a tight schedule. With our 
DESSO Wilton Comfort, DESSO Wilton Blend
and DESSO Wilton Light there are multiple
qualities to choose from, all ready for delivery on
a moment's notice.

Tarkett is proud to launch Hook’nFly™, an
innovative carpet refurbishment concept for
the aviation industry. Our solution makes it
easier and significantly faster to replace
carpets in aircrafts, helping our customers
to save valuable time and money.

Tarkett is proud to launch DESSO® Spectrum, an aviation carpet inspired by the multiple colours created when light is passed through a prism. The 100% nylon loop pile carpet can be produced in any colour providing unlimited possibilities to create unique aircraft interior designs.

With a thorough knowledge of the market, we translate your values and inspiration into commercial and practical solutions with truly innovative carpet designs that help reduce the total cost of ownership of our products.