Carpet Installation Manual

Carpet Installation Manual


Installation of DESSO® carpet

A carpet’s life will be governed by many factors, starting with the selection process that must take both aesthetic and performance considerations into account. However, the installation process is of critical importance for an optimal performance of carpet. The following installation procedures are guidance for a proper installation of Desso carpet, and should be followed at all times.


Site conditions

The following conditions inside the aircraft are critical for proper installation:

  1. It is always advisable to lay out the carpet the day before the installation. This allows the carpet to relax and improves performance. The carpet must be allowed to acclimatize for at least 24 hours in the surroundings in which it is to be laid before the fitting is commenced.

  2. When feasible, install the carpet so that the majority of the traffic moves in the lengthwise direction of the carpet.

  3. Please check packaging of the carpet rolls before opening. In case of any malfunction contact Desso.


Desso recommend using an industrial cutting machine. Please contact Desso for references of carpet cutting partners. The carpet should be cut between the rows whenever possible, using a top cutter. In all cut-loop and loop constructions, care must be taken to ensure that no loops are being cut. Bend the carpet along the length to separate the rows. Part or trace the pile with a screwdriver along the length of the proposed cut. Start the cut by making a small incision on the edge with a carpet knife. Insert the top cutter between the backing yarns and cut along the face of the carpet. The top cutter should always be inserted so that the blade is close to the seam edge.

Locking the edges

These are our guidelines for locking the edges of the carpet by stitching them.

  • Advise to use machine: Titan DK4500AHC or DK2500AHC
  • Needle: golden needle 200 thickness
  • Double needle cooling
  • Feeddog with big teeth
  • Pressure foot: Medium size foot
  • Carpet guide to have better quality straight lines
  • Thread: COATS, Nylbound 60

There are three ways of overlocking:

1. speed binding

2. traditional binding/full overlocking

3. textile tape solution

For more information, please consult:


Desso recommends the use of Polyken 1111 tape or the use of Desso Self Adhesive Aviation Carpet. Before commencing the installation, always read the instructions supplied with the adhesive. Polyken 1111 is the only adhesive approved for use in double-stick installations. The use of Polyken 1111 Adhesive is vital to ensure optimum results. Applying an improper adhesive can result in an installation failure for which Desso cannot be held responsible.

When using adhesive, never cut carpet that already has adhesive applied to the back. When trimmings are removed, adhesive will be removed as well from critical locations.

It must be understood that carpet is a textile and cannot be made to exact specifications. All patterned carpet is subject to certain manufacturing tolerances, therefore a perfect pattern match cannot be guaranteed. However, a match should be achievable by stretching the short side out to meet the long side.